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My Reply

Hi Michaela. I wish I did better. I can’t explain how heartbroken I am about my performance.

For anyone reading this, I can’t stress how important your choice of a DJ is. Please read my comments as they could help you understand why style is important.

The review is not about the most common complaints against DJs, such as less-than-perfect MC’ing, audio problems during a ceremony, empty dance floors, not playing requested songs, etc. It’s a unique review that's focused on the space between songs and my style.


I’ll break down Michaela’s 3 points and share my perspective. 

1. “Genre Mixing”

2. “Awkward & Weird Transitions”

3. “Playing Songs to the End”

1 - Genre Mixing: Their requested songs were a collection of Elvis, Dua Lipa, Lil’ Jon, Don Omar, Selena, Stevie Wonder, LMFAO, MGMT, Rihanna, Bob Segar, Daddy Yankee, and many other amazing artists. Two German Polkas as well. Outside of the number of requests, (142 songs = 9.5 hours of music for a 2.5-hour dance party), there wasn’t anything that unusual. Based on the request list, I did mini sets. But between each mini-set, I had to mix a new genre. I generally get a lot of compliments from guests when I DJ like this. Older guests are like, “we really appreciate you playing music from our generation” and younger guests say something like, “that was dope how you did that.”


2 - Awkward & Weird: I played DJ Snake's epic banger "Turn Down For What,” and just as the beat was about to drop, I played Abba’s "Dancing Queen.” This is an homage to a viral video from earlier in the year when a DJ did the same “tricked ya” style of transition. (It was trending at the time) Everyone is about to scream, “turn down for what" and are surprised when a 1970s Europop classic comes out of the speakers. It’s today's version of getting “Rick Rolled.” Generally, people laugh, look at each other and say, “that was funny,” and continue dancing. This went over poorly for some or maybe most, possibly all, but after this Swedish masterpiece ended, I genre mixed "Turn Down for What” back in and everyone seemed happy. Later in the party, the groom was lifted on a chair and carted around the dance floor like he was on an invisible magic carpet. Kind of an epic moment I shared in my recap video the day after Michaela and Juan’s wedding. Good Vibe Rating - Pretty High 


3 - Playing Entire Songs: After playing “Turn Down for What” in its entirety, (the second time around. Reference above) I was playing the 1992 Kris Kross classic, “Jump” from the groom's must-play list. (Somewhat of a genre mix if you want to break hip-hop into eras) Anyway, the groom visits my DJ booth and passionately says, “please play these songs all the way through!” Possibly remembering when I played the first seven bars of “Turn Down for What” but not realizing I just played 3:20 out of 3:33 of it the second time. (TBH, playing the last 8 bars of a hip-hop song can be mundane. It’s usually just the drums) Back to the matter at hand. I politely tell him I am, just did, and will. He enthusiastically replies with something like, “all good! Just please play “Jump” all the way to the end!” “Jump" is about 3 minutes and the last minute is a super extended chorus. “Kris Kross will make ya, Daddy Mac will make ya.” And it keeps going. As requested and for the first time ever, I played this one-hit wonder to the end.

There are a few songs I always play to the end like Love Shack. If the party people don’t hear “You’re what? Tin roof. Rusted,” they would feel short-changed and I agree. For other songs, dance floor energy is maintained by playing shorter edits (and a DJ can play more music) Seriously. Ask any DJ you’re interviewing for your wedding. #truth


Are you still reading? "Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.” Eminem describing how I feel writing this.


Sidenote: By mid-summer, I did reduce my usage of the DJ Snake/Abba switch-up. (TBH, it was getting a little old) I did again in October but dropped a remix of Shania Twain’s “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” at the “Let’s go girls” part and received the reaction I hoped for. People laughed and then all sang along to Shania. Check my IG for the video. Lots of smiles.

Are you looking for a wedding DJ? Please read my other reviews. Many of them say things like, “packed dance floor,” “great music,” and “super fun dance party.” One even says “amazing human being." It’s humbling, to say the least. I can’t believe I’m able to be a full-time DJ and spread joy through the world with music. 


In closing, my client summarizes me as a DJ when they wrote, "I just think his style is different than what we had hoped for or expected from a wedding DJ.”

Style is important.

If this resonates with you, I would love to learn more about your wedding plans and see if I might be the right DJ for you.


With love, Matt

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