Super fresh custom made mix-tape for you or someone you love. It's an amazing gift that will last forever and is so much better than a lame Spotify playlist. Download to your phone and bump it whenever/wherever you want. Seriously, this is awesome. 



Send me a list of 15 songs or artists and maybe even leave me a voicemail about who the mix is for and anything else you'd like included. I'll mix the songs with the skills of a real DJ + splice in your voicemail to create a really amazing 35 minutes of music. 

Fresh Audio


15-25 songs custom mixed for someone you want to do something awesome for. Around 30-45 minutes 


Custom Voiceover or Movie Quotes

Drop me a voicemail or tell me your favorite movie. I'll cut it up over your super fresh mix for something ultra dope. 

Add $25

Vintage Cassette Style!

Want to keep it old school and delivery this awesome mix via a cassette USB? This is beyond awesome!

Add $80

This is me Recording my Music 2 Listen 2 Live Mix

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