Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we consider hiring you?

First, congratulations on your engagement. 

Every wedding is unique. I'll listen to your ideas, understand what you loved at other weddings you've attended, (and what you didn't enjoy), combine my experience, and come up with a plan you and your guests will love. The time spent planning will be stress-free, your grandparents will clearly hear your vows, music selection will be an amazing soundtrack and everyone will dance. Please read some reviews from my awesome clients HERE! 

What is your experience and what type of DJ are you?

I have 22 years of experience with 10 years as a wedding DJ. My background started when I purchased my first set of turntables in 1995. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to play music at all types of events. From weddings to house parties, proms to breakdance events; I'm confident I can help create an amazing experience for you and your guests. Whether we decide to start with a traditional vibe or kick off the celebration right after the first kiss, the music will be an excellent soundtrack that everyone will enjoy. For those interested in my skills as a DJ: Yes, I do "mix".

I compliment my DJ skills with being an MC. I’ll properly introduce your wedding party, professionally invite your fiancé and you to the dance floor for your first dance, and make sure your guests are aware of what is happening next.

I am not the type of DJ that wants to be the center of attention. I won't tell jokes, talk too much on the mic or dance with your grandmother. I keep it classy and professional.

Someone said "yes," now let's create your wedding!

What is your service area?

From the Foothills to North & South Lake Tahoe and Reno. I have also been hired for weddings as far as NY, VT and Mexico. 

What type of music can we expect at our wedding?

Some clients send me a list of their favorite songs that I use as a foundation to create 5-7 hours of music. Other clients are more focused on an atmosphere for their wedding. Once this is discussed, I can share options and create a playlist that matches what they are expecting.

I also offer an online service that allows your guests to pre-request music in advance of your wedding day. You and your fiancé have edit control on your guests’ request list so we can take out the not-so-great options. Some requested songs might be special, but not be great dance songs. I'll mix these in during dinner or cocktail hour. This is an awesome service to offer your guests on your wedding website. 

Overall, I really enjoy creating the soundtrack for an amazing wedding. 

What type of equipment can we expect at our wedding?

I use the absolute best equipment and always have back up gear ready for the rare situation of a failure. Regarding speakers, I use Electro-Voice for my main speaker systems and Yorkville for subwoofers. All my speakers are self-powered so if one speaker fails, it will not affect the others. For microphones, I use only Shure products. All microphones are wireless and were purchased in the spring of 2015. For dance floor lighting and up-lights, I use Chauvet. Overall, all the brands I use are ranked # 1 by most mobile DJ's. 

Regarding the equipment set up: I will have a system for your ceremony and a second system for cocktail/dinner and dancing. If a third system is needed, this will be set up well in advance to the start of your ceremony. Your guests will not see me fiddling with cables or carrying speakers during your wedding. 

Up-lights? You bet!

Up-lights can turn basic into something incredible. Customizable to the color of your choice too. Whether you just need to highlight your table backdrop or really want to encapsulate your venue in amazing color, I can handle it. 

Are you comfortable DJ'ing a same sex wedding?

Absolutely. Love is love. 

Can you DJ an outdoor wedding?

Yes! I love outdoor weddings. Around 75% of my summer weddings are outside. I also own a very quiet and reliable Honda generator that I use when standard power is not available. 

When will you show up for my wedding?

Two hours before the music starts. 

Am I Insured?

Yes. I carry a $2,000,000 policy with Performing Entertainers and Event Professional Insurance. A Certificate of Liability is available at any time. This insurance is only available to professional DJ's with a membership in The United States Disc Jockey Association, (USDJA).

Yes, but only if there are “good” requests and they fit into the atmosphere we’ve discussed.

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