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What? It's A New Blog? (March 9, 2023)

Blogs are so 2003. Seriously. But read on. Good information to be shared. And good info is so 2023.

Everything is from the Perspective of me. I am a DJ.

I think my ideas are important as I've seen a lot of weddings. A few hundred for sure. I haven't counted but at 50 per year for the last couple of years, many would call me an expert. I also see what happens from a different angle. Wondering what I think about an open mic for toasts? You're going to find out.

Why is my Perspective Different?

I'm focused on the atmosphere and transitions at your wedding. What do I mean by atmosphere? It's the general vibe of your day. Music plays a part, but so does my MC'ing, the style of your officiant, and a million other influences.

What do I mean transitions? In the same manner as I transition smoothly from song to song, your cocktail hour should transition to dinner with the same fluid cadence. Why should you consider your first dance as a married couple immediately following your introductions? Because everyone is seated, we have everyone's attention, and there are no distraction. It can be the perfect transition from cocktail and dinner.

My Perspective is Worth Considering

Does your photographer need you for a full hour after your ceremony so they can the pictures they need? Notice it's the pictures "they" need. If wedding photos are very important to you, then go for it. But keep in mind, you won't have the chance to see many of your friends and family at this time. Once dinner begins, you might visit some tables, but then it's cake, formal dancing, then party time. What I'm saying is cocktail hour is a great time see you friends. Spend an hour taking photos, you'll lose this moment.

So it's a Blog

It's like Instagram but with more words, less videos, and maybe some sound advice, from a DJ. I'll also share some playlists from weddings, a few wedding recaps, possibly a vendor spotlight, and a funny video of our dog.

Did you really read this far? Thank you!

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