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Alena and Matt's Wedding

Someone Said Yes

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Wedding DJ Lake Tahoe

Grass Valley | Nevada City | Sacramento

DJ and Photo Booth in Northern California

"Matt was an AMAZING DJ and was the collected, calm center of our day while bringing FANTASTIC dance floor vibes."

Julia D | Client | Nevada City, CA


You're in love, you love dancing, and you are searching for the right DJ.

Wedding Ceremony in Coloma, CA


Romantic, beautiful, and possibly on the shorter side.


Good vibes and good drinks with your favorite people and your favorite music. 

Wedding Reception Dancing


Classics to start and party vibes all night.


We are DJs who believe you deserve a wedding that matches your personal style. 

Wedding Reception in Sacramento, CA.


Hello, soon-to-be-married couple! We're a modern DJ and Photo Booth company based in Northern CA, specializing in making your day more epic'er (like epic, but more). If you're searching for a Lake Tahoe Wedding DJ, you might in the right place. Why “might" you be in the right place? Every DJ is different, just like your wedding will be unique to you and your partner. Do your research. DJs should do way more than just play music.

My journey began in 2015 when friends who loved my house-party DJ style asked me to DJ at their Lake Tahoe wedding. At first, I thought, "Me, DJ a wedding? I only DJ parties!" But I took a leap, and I’m so glad I did. Today, DJing is my career, and my company handles around 100 DJ events yearly.


I'm beyond grateful for those early clients (and friends) who just wanted a party DJ for their wedding. Back then, I had no idea how to handle a formal event, but I cherished every moment. Bringing guests from all over, with their diverse ages and musical tastes, together to celebrate love is truly special. From cowboy boots to Air Force Ones, it's always an eclectic mix. As an open-format DJ, I found my perfect audience in wedding crowds, and I discovered a new passion, all thanks to them.

I immersed myself in wedding traditions, perfected things like ceremony audio, and developed a group of similarly passionate DJs from around the world to share ideas so I can stay up on all the trends and new styles. I explored less common music genres and absorbed all the knowledge I could. After thousands of hours, I've honed my craft to perfection. TBH, saying perfection is an exaggeration, but I strive to be the best I can be. I'm exceptionally passionate about DJing and will put my heart and soul into your Northern California wedding.

If you're looking for a Lake Tahoe Wedding DJ who brings a mix of modern vibes, deep knowledge, and pure passion to your special day, send us an EMAIL or call me at (415) 377-0881. Nate (the newest addition to Someone Said Yes) and I look forward to hearing about your wedding plans and determining if we're the right DJs for you!

High Fives + Good Vibes

"...but by the end of the night, all the guests were in two lines facing one another, having a full-fledged dance battle. Team bride won, if you were wondering." 

Elizabeth N | Client | Harmony Ridge Lodge | Nevada City

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