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Wedding DJ in Lake Tahoe, CA

Someone Said Yes

high fives + good vibes

Wedding DJ Lake Tahoe

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Grass Valley | Nevada City | Sacramento

DJ and Photo Booth Service in Northern California

"Matt was an AMAZING DJ and was the collected, calm center of our day while bringing FANTASTIC dance floor vibes."

Julia D | Client | Nevada City, CA


You're in love, you love dancing, and you are searching for the right DJ.

Wedding Ceremony in Coloma, CA


Romantic, beautiful, and possibly on the shorter side.


Good vibes and good drinks with your favorite people and your favorite music. 

Wedding Reception Dancing


Classics to start and party vibes all night.


We are DJs who believe you deserve a wedding that matches your personal style. 

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We're a modern DJ and Photo Booth company in Northern CA, specializing in DJing weddings and Photo Booth Rentals in Grass Valley, Nevada City, Sacramento, and Lake Tahoe. Someone Said Yes was born organically in 2015 when friends who enjoyed my house-party DJ style asked me to DJ their wedding. Me, DJ a wedding? What? 

I'm grateful my earliest clients/friends just wanted a party DJ for their wedding because I had no idea how to DJ a wedding. But I still loved it. The idea of guests from around the country, with a huge spread in age and taste in music, coming together to celebrate love only happens at a wedding. From cowboy boots to Air Force Ones, it's a varied audience. I already considered myself an open-format DJ, and this was the ultimate crowd for me to play some of my favorite music from my favorite genres. I found my passion. 

I went deep to understand the traditions of weddings and how to create perfect ceremony audio, different ways to introduce a couple for their first dance, study less common music, and simply wanted to learn everything. I've completed my 10,000 hours. 

My newest accomplishment is finding a DJ with an equal amount of passion for music and weddings as me. Nate Vallejo is Someone Said Yes's first employee. He's fantastic. 

Thanks for reading and considering us to be part of your love story. 

"...but by the end of the night, all the guests were in two lines facing one another, having a full-fledged dance battle. Team bride won, if you were wondering." 

Elizabeth N | Client | Harmony Ridge Lodge | Nevada City

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