Silent Disco

"It might be the best part of the wedding!"

Guest | The Inn at Fox Hollow

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Silent Disco Headphones

Amazing Headphones

Your guests will be fully immersed in the soundtrack to your event. 

Super comfortable, individual volume control so grandma can set it how she likes, three channels that can play different music, and they look really cool too! It's easy for everyone to enjoy a super unique experience that they'll talk about for years. Wondering about the audio quality? The sound-isolating over-ear cushions combined with the  40mm drivers create a premium audio environment. 

Silent Disco Party

Everyone Loves Music

This is kind of amazing. Your DJ can play one style of music, and you can have another 1-2 channels playing some classics or maybe some throwback hip hop. Your guests move between each channel depending on how they're feeling. The headphones glow in red, green, or blue depending on what channel the user is listening to. Watch your friend's dance styles change as they move between channels in almost complete silence. Briefly remove your headphones and listen to the laughter.

Silent Disco Party

Never Too Loud

We've all been to a wedding or party when the music is too loud. You can't talk with your friends and your mom is just agitated the entire night. Silent disco technology creates an immersive experience with guests loving the music and non-dancers having the opportunity to talk and reconnect with friends and family in a comfortable environment. Maybe you have grumpy neighbors? Put them at ease and party all night with a silent disco party! 

How it Works

Headphones are set up on a table for your guests to grab when they arrive or before the dancing begins. Your DJ plugs into a UHF transmitter and away you go. If you want to have additional channels of music, you can plug your phone, iPod, or even another DJ into a second transmitter and offer your guests additional options. The entire process is simple, efficient, and exciting. 

Wondering about the cost to create this amazing experience? Pricing begins at $550 for a small party.