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DJ Service
Northern California

"Music is the catalyst to inspire emotion."

Jason Jani | DJ | New Jersey

Wedding at The Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley, CA

"He asked us so many thought-provoking questions that we would never have even thought to consider."

Madison F | Client | The Miner's Foundry | Nevada City

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony


The perfect atmosphere to celebrate your love together. 

This is the Most Important Celebration of your Life

Your day begins with your pre-ceremony playlist to set the atmosphere for your wedding. The music continues to be the catalyst to inspire emotion and complement the day's beautiful moments. We continue building energy until the dance floor opens and the party vibes commence.

Music Selection: We talk, share ideas, discuss must-play and do-not-play songs, create a music mood board, and then I'll design about six hours of music to match your wedding style. 

Questions I am Asked Most Often

  • Speakers - I have multiple setups, including three battery-powered systems. Utilizing these systems allows me the freedom to set up an ideal audio environment and remain out of your photos.

  • Microphones - Tiny, wireless lapel-style mics for your ceremony and handheld microphones for everything else. 

  • Set Up Time - I do not charge for the time I need to set up or break down. 

  • Requests - I love requests and have a modern system your guests will love. Click HERE to see it. Will I play all requests? No chance. Maybe 30% will match the soundscape we talked about. 

  • How Much Time do I need to Set Up? Two hours. 

  • Am I insured? Yes. I maintain a two-million-dollar policy and will supply a copy to your venue when requested.  

  • Backup Equipment - I travel with two MacBook Pros, two iPads, multiple microphones, and speakers. 

  • Investment - Pricing begins at $2,295. Most couples are stoked about the Vinyl Package for $2,995.

"He is a legitimate beat-matching DJ who serves up seamless mixes."


Wedding of Jenny and James at the Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley, CA.


Modern DJ equipment that actually looks good. 

I'm Proud of my Equipment's Aesthetic. (I'm serious) Simple, clean, sophisticated gear that improves the style of your event. 

My DJ Booth is designed with a television on the front. What does this do? 

  • Custom Front Image - I can create a monogram matching your invitation or wedding style. 

  • Show a Slideshow - We can share pictures or videos of your partner and you during cocktail hour and dinner.

  • Play Music Videos - If you have a relative who is exhausted from dancing and needs to sit down, they'll enjoy the music videos playing on the screen. And yes, they do still make music videos. 

  • Crowd Cam - Do you want to see your dance party escalate to the next level? Once the dance floor reaches a fever pitch, I'll turn on the crowd cam and watch some questionable dance moves ensue. 


  • Speakers - Clean, modern, well-balanced, and appreciated. 

"The music was never too loud and sounded amazing all night."


Wedding at Amador Cellars Winery


Elegant for your first dance and club style after the sun sets. 

Dance Floor Lighting Makes a Difference. 

In a fine dining restaurant, the lighting is often subdued and warm, creating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. Similarly, the lighting for a wedding dinner should be soft and warm, providing a comfortable and inviting environment. It should be bright enough for guests to see each other but dim enough to create an intimate setting. This lighting will encourage conversation and set the tone for the rest of the night.

For formal dancing, amber or warm white lighting is the ideal choice. This soft, warm lighting style provides an elegant look and feels perfect for traditional dances like your first dance as a married couple, father-daughter, or mother-son dance.

When the music turns up, and the dance moves get creative, the lighting should be more dynamic, with plenty of colors and movement. This type of lighting is perfect for your dance party, encouraging guests to let loose and dance. My dance floor lighting is in sync with every song, so it matches the energy and flow of each track. This is called "intelligent lighting."

I've rewritten this section multiple times as I can't find words that explain how impactful lighting can be. Every event includes dance floor lighting at no charge. I believe in this. 

"He understood our vibe and clearly caters his music to each couple's needs."


Wedding Reception at the Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley, CA.


A beautiful addition to complement the mood and style of your wedding.

The Difference is Up-Lighting

Including up-lighting during your cocktail and dinner creates a refined, sophisticated look. A style that can complement the walls of your historic venue or be utilized to add color to the trees surrounding your outdoor reception. Everything is wireless, so the possibilities are unlimited. 

Are you looking for club vibes? The up-lights are wirelessly connected to my main DJ lighting. Once the actual dance music begins, so does the light show. Check out my blog post about uplighting and why I think it's important - Up-Lighting

"I saw guests I have never seen dance before get up and dance."

Christine N | Client's Mom | Newcastle, CA

How it Works

This is the bottom of the page. If you got this far, you're probably interested in us being your DJ. Maybe we should talk?

Here are a few options. ​

  1. Schedule a Zoom call HERE.

  2. Schedule a phone call HERE.

Not ready to schedule a call? Click this link to read about my process: Why Hire Us?

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