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Wedding Toast Advice From a DJ

Mentioning the couple's ex-partners is a terrible idea.

Wedding toast by the best man at River Highlands Ranch
Wedding Toast at River Highlands Ranch

You received the "save the date" and now the official invite! Not only that, but you've been asked to share a toast during the reception. Amazing. What will you say? Should it be witty, slightly funny, maybe heartfelt with a token of advice? Don't forget mentioning ex-partners during your toast because nothing says “I’m excited about your love" like saying “No one ever liked your past girlfriends. This one is a keeper!.."

I'm a DJ. This is wedding toast advice from my perspective.

Let's be real - mentioning ex-partners during a wedding toast is terrible. It's like bringing a raincloud to a sunny day. Sure, you might think it's funny or entertaining, but it's really just cringy and uncomfortable.

Some might think it's hilarious, but they don't realize they're ruining the moment for everyone else. I’ve seen it happen a number of times. The speaker is talking about college and some fun parties. Then feels the need to mention that one boyfriend from Canada that all the bride’s friends thought was weird. It evokes an uncomfortable laugh from the guests like the toaster is lightly roasting the couple.

And let's not forget about the couple themselves. I'm sure they love being reminded of their past relationships in front of all their friends and family. This is the worst. The groom's mom passes the mic to the maid of honor. She kicks it off with a reference to childhood and riding bikes around the neighborhood but then segues to the bride’s first apartment she shared with “the Rickster.” The bride knows where this is going, and the groom rolls his eyes in comical discomfort.

All joking aside, mentioning ex-partners during a wedding toast is a bad idea. It takes the focus away from the couple and their love story and makes everyone feel uncomfortable. Save the funny ex-partner stories for the bachelor and bachelorette parties and keep the toasts sophisticated. Grandma will appreciate it.

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