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My career is DJing and I am insanely passionate about it. 

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About Us

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DJing is my career and I am insanely passionate about it. 

High Fives & Good Vibes 

DJing is not just a hobby or a part-time side hustle; it's my full-time career and the driving force behind everything I do. I am insanely passionate about it and dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences. By actively listening to my clients, leveraging my expertise, and carefully selecting the perfect mix of music, I strive to curate a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that aligns seamlessly with your personal style. My goal is to create a harmonious and unforgettable experience that resonates with you and your guests.  


My Business Style

Twenty-five years of rocking parties, perfecting the art of good vibes, and ten years of focusing my skills as the maestro of matrimonial musical bliss. Let's pop some champagne and talk about the music you and your partner love, discuss the ambiance that'll make your ceremony sparkle, and set the perfect vibe to keep your reception bouncing till the break of dawn.

My DJ Style

I'm a vibe curator who will match the style of your wedding with a fresh soundtrack. As an open-format DJ, I'll rock your event with any genre of music and with the skills of an authentic DJ. Mashups? I got you. Clean transition? For sure. Will I play the third verse of a hip-hop song? No. Short edits are the way to keep the energy high. 


My MC Style

I'll match the atmosphere. Overall, I'm a minimalist and only share what is essential to your guests and you.  


My Philosophy

I will listen to your ideas, communicate my experience, and curate the perfect soundtrack for your day. This is not about duplicating the playlist I played last Saturday. Searching for inspiration? Check out a few of my playlists on Spotify.

My Core Values

I'm an equality enthusiast and a champion for love. I'm also a member of 1% for the Planet.


About Me

I relocated to California from the East Coast in 2005. In 2010, I found my soulmate and eloped five years later. We live in Grass Valley, CA, along with our beloved dog Alice, a rescue and a mix of Corgi and Lab. When I'm not DJ'ing, I enjoy immersing myself in the Sierras' beauty or swimming in the majestic Yuba River.

"He leads the crowd without commanding it, like the Pied Piper."

Emily A | Client | Heavenly Mountain Resort | Lake Tahoe


"We play the music you and your guests love."

"I never once had to question whether or not he understood our vision."  


DJ Nate Vellejo playing guitar


DJ, guitarist, vocalist, and all-around vibe curator. 

The Search is Over

For two years, I searched for a second DJ to join Someone Said Yes. Nate is a passionate DJ, guitarist, and someone I am excited to have as an employee to represent my company. He also has an "all-white" DJ setup you will love!

Nate's General Vibe

I've been a singer/songwriter since the age of 15. I've traveled all over the country, inspiring my writing and creation. Getting into DJing was a no-brainer, as traveling with a full band and still bringing the party can be tricky! I'll play the hits, the oldies, and even the obscure if the timing is right. It's all about communication, and I'm actively observing behind the turntables to ensure the dance floor stays full!


Nate's Business Style

I have been a full-time real estate agent for four years in Nevada County. I bring the same level of professionalism and service to DJing. Let me know your wants and needs, and let's devise a plan to ensure your special day is the best it can be!

Nate's DJ Style

I'm a music nerd. I'm a songwriter. I'm even a snob sometimes. But when it's your day, it's YOUR DAY! Let me know the genre, the style, and the vibes you want for your event, and I'll match it. Do you want Country? I got you. Stick to the Oldies? Fly me to the moon. Do you love Trap and Hip-Hop? Let's get low.


Nate's MC Style

If you need help guiding your guests, let me know, and I'll make sure the message gets out. I'm not afraid of the microphone. ​


Nate's Philosophy

Music is all about collaboration. Everyone has to know their part when I've played with six-piece bands. And bringing the audience into the experience is a must. I will do everything I can to keep the vibes high. Let's work together!

Nate's Core Values

As a husband and father, I'm all about family. I want to hear your kids' requests. I want the dance floor full of smiles. I like to remain open and approachable.


About Nate

I was raised in North Carolina before I migrated to Nevada County in 2013. I met my lovely wife and quickly had a beautiful baby boy. I hung up my musician hat to get serious about business and finance, but I've returned to the scene! I'm grateful that out of many applicants, Matt has trusted me to work with him and for his business. I'm a dad, a musician, a Realtor, and a lover of culinary delights. I love to travel, perform, write, read science fiction books, and be with my family. I'm looking forward to getting to know you, too!

A Few Companies We've Played Music For

Logo for the Humane Society in Truckee, CA.
Sugarbowl Ski Resort Logo
Helly Hansen Logo
Boarding for Breast Cancer Logo
US Ski and Snowboard Logo
GoPro Logo
High Fives Logo
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