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Photo Booth Overlays

Our Custom Overlays

We Match Your Event's Style

Your wedding day is a milestone event, and capturing every precious moment is pretty important. A photo booth adds a fun and interactive element to your celebration and offers the non-dancers something fun to do. With the right photo booth overlay designs, your photos can become even more special and personalized. Here are a few things I would like to share when you begin the process of understanding what we should design. Don't worry; once we know your vision, we'll do the design.


Seasonal and Trend-Inspired Designs

Stay ahead of the trends by incorporating seasonal and fashionable elements into your overlays. For a summer wedding, think about bright colors and tropical motifs. Winter weddings can benefit from cozy, warm designs with rich hues and snowflake patterns. Keeping up with design trends ensures your wedding photos look fresh and contemporary. Wondering about the Kardashian black and white effect? We love it and would be excited to introduce your guests to this unique capture style! 


Personalized Details

Adding personal touches to your overlays makes each photo a cherished keepsake. Include your names, wedding date, and a special message or hashtag to create a unique frame for each picture. This personalizes the experience for your guests and helps them remember your special day every time they look at the photos. Opt for fonts and colors that match your wedding invitations or programs for a cohesive look.


Custom Themes and Styles

Every wedding is unique, and your photo booth overlay should reflect that. Whether you’re going for a classic, rustic, bohemian, or modern theme, custom-designed overlays can match your wedding’s aesthetic. Incorporate elements like floral patterns, elegant borders, or geometric shapes that align with your décor. By customizing the design, you ensure that every photo taken at your booth feels like an integral part of your wedding’s visual narrative.


High-Quality Graphics

Ensure your overlays are designed with high-resolution graphics to maintain clarity and sharpness. Blurry or pixelated overlays can detract from the overall quality of the photos. Professional designers can help create visually appealing overlays and print beautifully, ensuring every photo is frame-worthy. Read more about our photo booth options on our SERVICES page!

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