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Don't Kill The Vibe! Clean up starts at 10:01 pm. Wedding Planning Advice

Curious about my second biggest pet peeve in the wedding industry? Summary - Don't let the venue staff kill the vibe.

Bouquet throw at a wedding in Nevada County, CA.
Wedding Planning Advice

As a wedding DJ, it drives me nuts when the staff at the venue decides to start breaking down tables during the dance party. I mean, who doesn't love the sound of chairs scraping against the floor and the sight of waiters rolling six-foot rounds to the back of your venue while you're trying to dance your heart out? It really adds to the ambiance... Read on for some important wedding planning advice.

It's like being at a restaurant that's supposed to be open until 9 pm, but the staff is already busy vacuuming and acting like it's closed at 8:30 and you still haven’t ordered your dessert. It's the perfect way to make your guests feel like they're unwelcome and should pack up and head home early. What about the guests that need to chill and take a break from dancing? They’re sitting down, and a staff member needs to remove the table linen. “Uh, sir. Is this your drink? Could you pick it up? I need to grab this table linen.” It’s a vibe killer.

And let's not forget about the added bonus of having guests' drinks and personal items moved during the chaos. They visit me at the DJ booth and ask me to make an announcement because their Louis bag is missing. (I don’t make lost and found announcements. That’s a vibe killer too) Who needs their coat or purse, right? And that craft cocktail made to perfection? It’s either this one or maybe that one. But one of them might be from that guest you saw exit the bathroom without washing their hands. Choose wisely.

But in all seriousness, staff breaking down tables during the dance party is a major buzzkill. It disrupts the energy and atmosphere of the reception and can make guests feel like they're not being prioritized. As a wedding DJ, I believe it’s important for you to communicate with the venue and their staff to ensure they understand the party ends when your contract ends.

So let's all agree to put the breaks on the clean-up until 10:01 pm.

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