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Private Last Dance at a Wedding

As your wedding day draws to a close, you may wonder how to close the night. A last dance with all of your guests is common. What do you think after that moment? Have you considered the idea of a private last dance just for you and your partner?

A private last dance is a special moment you share at the end of your wedding reception. It's a chance for you to reflect on the day and take a moment to reconnect. That’s right. This is another blog post with five reasons to consider something. I hope you find it entertaining.

Here are some reasons why you should consider a private last dance:

1. It's a Moment for the Two of You

Your wedding day is a busy day, and it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. A private last dance is a chance for you and your partner to have a moment to yourselves to reflect on the day. It's a moment where you can forget about everything else and be with each other. A brief moment in zen.

2. It's an Intimate Moment

It’s just the two of you. No photographers asking you to pose, no DJ checking in about the cake cutting, no servers asking if you would like another piece of chicken. I ask all your guests to go outside and request the venue staff to chill out of sight for a few minutes. It should be the two of you. Just think about how you met and now you’re married. It’s kind of crazy and something amazing to talk about.

3. It's a Chance to Take a Breath and Reflect

Your wedding day can be wild, and a private last dance can be a chance for you and your partner to take a breath. Think about it. You woke up like every day, but today you did your thing. You said Yes! You’re wearing rings, and you partied down with friends and family. Maybe grandma cut loose and did her thing too. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

4. It's a Romantic Gesture

Damn this is romantic. Just the two of you. You did your first dance as a married couple in front of everyone. Now, this is for the two of you. Take it all in.

5. It’s The Set Up for your Grand Exit

Thinking about a formal or grand exit? This is the setup for it. I invite your guests outside to arrange your exit as you two begin your last dance. Don’t worry, I make sure everyone knows the after-party plan in advance. So, guests are outside and getting ready to blow some bubbles, light their sparklers, maybe crack a few glow sticks, or keep it simple by turning on their cell phone lights. As your private last song slowly fades, the two of you go outside to a hallway of your guests cheering. The two of you move along an imaginary escalator between your friends as bubbles cascade down and friends attempt a few drunk high-fives with whoever is next to them. It’s classy with some party vibes.

"In conclusion" (I say this in almost every blog post), a private last dance is a special moment you and your partner should consider for your wedding day. It's a chance for you to have a moment to yourselves to reflect on your life together. Past, present, and future. It's a moment you'll remember forever, and damn it’s romantic.


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