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Jess and Joey's Roaring 20s Wedding at The Miners Foundry

The Miners Foundry hosted Jess and Joey's vintage-themed wedding, filled with iconic movie soundtracks and heartfelt melodies. From Jessica's magical entrance with her daughter's to the classic song selections for the reception, every moment exuded romance and celebration.


As guests arrived at The Miners Foundry, they were greeted by a playlist filled with iconic movie soundtracks evoking the romance of Titanic, Gatsby, and Bridgerton. The ceremony commenced at 5:00 PM, enveloped in a beautiful selection of vintage-themed music, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and intimacy in the Stone Hall.

Witnessing Jessica’s entrance, accompanied by her daughters Jayde and Harper to the heartwarming melody of Brandon Lake’s "Nothing New (I Do)" (wedding version), was a truly magical moment. The ceremony concluded with guests rejoicing to the upbeat tunes of Natalie Cole’s "This Will Be," marking the joyous union of Joey and Jess with a classic recessional selection.

Cocktail Hour and Introduction

Following the ceremony, guests indulged in a sophisticated cocktail hour infused with Electro Swing vibes, blending the essence of the Roaring Twenties with a modern twist featuring artists like Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace. As everyone settled for dinner, the newlyweds were joyously introduced as "the newly married Jess and Joey Rooker," accompanied by Leon Redbone’s "Come and Get Your Love," setting the stage for a night filled with love and celebration. Jess and Joey opted to share their first dance immediately after their introduction, swaying to the timeless melody of Taylor Swift’s “Timeless.”

Dinner and Toasts

Dinner commenced at 6:30 PM, accompanied by a curated playlist of throwback swing songs from legends like Benny Goodman and Louis Armstrong, maintaining the elegant ambiance of the evening. Heartfelt blessings from Jess’s father-in-law, Tony, followed by touching toasts from loved ones, added warmth and significance to Joey and Jess’s journey as they embarked on this new chapter of their lives.

Cake Cutting and Formal Dances

The cake-cutting ceremony, set to Taylor Swift’s "Lover," marked the beginning of formal dances and special moments. Jess and Joey playfully smashed a light cake on each other's faces. The dance floor became alive with a vibrant mix of music, ensuring guests of all ages were engaged and entertained. I even treated them to a mini set of my favorite Taylor Swift hits.

Last Dance and Grand Exit (10:25 PM)

Although the original plan was to end the night with Michael Bublé’s “Save the Last Dance,” a spontaneous decision led us to the timeless anthem, “Don’t Stop Believing,” which was the perfect finale for the dance party. Following this, guests were invited to the foyer to prepare for Jess and Joey’s grand exit, giving the couple a moment for a private last dance to Muscadine Bloodline’s “Porch Swing Angel.” Check out my IG for some clips of their wedding and to see how we utilized battery-powered sparklers for an epic (and fire-safe) grand exit!

Vendor Credits

The success of Joey and Jess’s wedding was made possible by the dedication and expertise of their vendors:


Joey and Jess’s vintage-themed celebration at The Miners Foundry was nothing short of magical. Every detail was meticulously planned, from the romantic ceremony to the lively reception, to ensure an unforgettable experience for the couple and their guests. As they embark on their journey as husband and wife, Joey and Jess carry with them the love and support of their family and friends, creating memories as timeless as the melodies that filled the air on their special day.


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