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Kaity and Ryan's Wedding at The Miners Foundry in Nevada City, CA

On a captivating evening in the heart of history at The Miners Foundry, Ryan and Kaity embarked on a love-filled journey, weaving together nostalgia and punk rock music.

The unplugged ceremony, bathed in the rhythmic hues of a prelude featuring 2000s pop/punk anthems, commenced at 4:30 PM in the intimate Stone Hall, creating an emotionally charged and still romantic ambiance. Against this melodic backdrop, the processional unfolded, accompanied by the poignant strains of "Here in Your Arms" by Hellogoodbye as Kaity, escorted by her father, made her entrance. The officiation by Cameron was a heartfelt testament to the couple's journey, culminating in their joyous exit to the soaring notes of "The Adventure" by Angels and Airwaves. Following a lively cocktail hour that resonated with the eclectic sounds of Star Wars cantina music, 90s alternative, and more, the evening transitioned into the introductions, with the wedding party making a spirited entrance to the Friends theme song. The couple, Ryan and Kaity, made their grand debut as "The Anthem" by Good Charlotte echoed through the hall, marking the commencement of their matrimonial journey as Mr. and Mrs. Peachey. This transition flowed seamlessly into their first dance, a tender moment shared to the soul-stirring rhythm of "Fall Into Me" by Forest Blakk, with the festivities further enriched by a heartfelt welcome.

As the evening unfolded, the heartwarming toasts were a highlight, with Kaity’s father, Stan, setting the tone, followed by Best Man Sean, and Groomsmen Mark and Kyle, each adding their unique touch to the narrative. Maid of Honor Marty's tribute added a poetic layer to the celebration. The cake-cutting ceremony, synchronized with the sweet strains of "Love You Madly" by Cake, ushered in a series of formal moments, including the emotional father/daughter dance to "I Loved Her First" by Heartland, and the poignant mother/son dance to "Mother" by Sugarland. The first slow dance, set to the timeless "Truly Madly Deeply" by Savage Garden, added a touch of romance to the evening. The festive atmosphere continued with the playful bouquet and garter toss, featuring energetic tunes like "Where Them Girls At" by David Guetta and "My First Kiss" by 3OH!3. The night crescendoed with the joyous notes of "Country Road" by John Denver, creating a perfect symphony for the grand finale. I reserved *Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" just incase the crowd wanted "one more song!" When Country Road finished, I waited a few seconds, someone yelled, "one more," giving me permission to keep the party going. "I stay out too late" came through the speakers and created an epic ending to a fun dance party.

*I've never played "Shake It Off" or any Taylor Swift song as a surprise encore. But this crowd was unique with their punk rock style and admiration of T. Swift. (A few of her songs were listed on the must play playlist) We kept it really underground for the most part, and I wanted to take a chance with a popular sing-along that everyone has an emotional connection with. It was risky, but I think it paid off.

Throughout this beautiful celebration, planner Sabrina Terrell's expertise brought the couple's vision to life, ensuring every detail reflected their unique love story. The Farm-to-Table catering added a delectable culinary dimension to the affair, enchanting the guests who had traveled far and wide to share in the joy. The guest count of 100 resonated with laughter, love, and tons of punk rock music, creating an indelible memory at Miner’s Foundry. Ryan and Kaity's wedding was not merely an event but a rich tapestry of emotions, melodies, and cherished moments that will linger in the hearts of all fortunate enough to witness this celebration of love.

Standout artists for Kaity and Ryan's wedding -

NOFX, Pennywise, The Offspring, My Chemical Romance, Sum 41.

Stand out do no play songs -

Get Low by Lil Jon, any and all instructional dance songs, and Journey. The goal was to create a unique experience and avoid the most popular wedding songs.


Planning - Sabrina Terrell

Catering - Farm to Table


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