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Wedding ceremony at the Elm Estate in Reno, NV.

For Your Officiant

Is your friend or relative your officiant? Amazing! I work with first-time officiants all the time. Below is some important information I would like to share. (also good info for the experienced)



Your officiant and I will meet about 30 minutes before the scheduled start of your ceremony. I'll set them up with a lapel-style mic. This is best worn on their chest pocket, back pocket, or belt.

Audio & Volume

I control all the audio. Your officiant's mic is muted until your wedding party, your partner, and you are in position. Their mic will be "live" once I fade out your processional song. 

Please Be Seated

"Please be seated" should be shared by your officiant within the first few minutes of your ceremony. If not, your guests just might continue standing, and standing, and standing, and standing...

First Kiss

I suggest having your officiant step to your side before they ask the two of you to seal your vows with a kiss. It's an epic photo and will look better with your officiant not centered between the two of you.

That's How It's Done!

Questions? Please email me here - Email

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